Clean Slate Kitchen


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You nailed your work out. Cardio complete. You've worked all day. You're stressed. You're tired and ready to eat a delicious made-from-scratch meal.  All you want to do is put your feet up and relax for a few minutes. But you've still got to make dinner.  You could call for a pizza or take out.  Or you can call Clean Slate Kitchen!  
Dedicated to creating meals that will not only give you your life back but will be nutritious and delicious, Clean Slate Kitchen is the personal chef service that caters to you! Whether you're a fitness expert, mother, full time working professional, single male, or just ready eat good, healthy, nutritious food, Clean Slate Kitchen will work with you to learn your personal tastes and dietary needs then prepare dishes based on your personal preference, so you'll have meals ready for you when you need them most.
How does Clean Slate Kitchen actually work?

We begin with an initial consultation, so please fill out the section that applies to you under the services and contact tab. Next, a Clean Slate Kitchen consultant will contact you, learn about your likes and dislikes, allergies, food intolerance and other dietary restrictions and constraints. Once we get to know each other, Clean Slate Kitchen will develop a personalized nutrition plan to provide you with made-to-order entrees and side dishes, labeled and stored for you- each with easy to follow heating instructions so all you have to do is come home pop something wonderful in the oven for you, or your whole family.

Torry started cooking healthy organic food during her lifestyle transformation.  After realizing there was not really a source for pre prepped local organic food that met her health needs or meal plan, she started Clean Slate Kitchen.  Her goal is to provide those who want real, wholesome food, portioned specifically to their needs, an easy option for just that.  She has a passion for helping people love their bodies through a healthy lifestyle and nutritious meals.


We are all about you LOVING your meals. We are here to help guide you and make your healthy lifestyle easier than ever. Let us prep your food for you! We offer fresh, natural, whole source meals that are either guided by your trainer or by us to help you love your lifestyle!  Body transformations are tough- let us help you through it.